MoCCML (Model of Concurrency and Communication Modeling Language, is a meta-language used to formally specify the concurrency semantics of an operational semantics. Based on such description of the operational semantics, it is possible to obtain a symbolic representation of all the schedules of a specific model. a MoCCML specification is made up with two parts:

  • MoCCML constraint: an extension of CCSL where new relations can be defined by constraint automata

  • MoCCML mapping: an extension of OCL where newly introduced newly introduced Event properties can be add to the language concepts and where newly introduced behavioral invariants can make use of MoCCML constraints to restrict the evolution of the occurrences of the previously defined events . The behavioural invariants are defined at the language level and are used to automatically generate a language specific compiler. The compiler can be used to generate a CCSL model from any model conforming the language.

MoCCML is currently integrated into the GEMOC  studio and current build can be checked here:

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