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TimeSquare is an MDK (Model Development Kit) provided as a set of Eclipse plugins that can be downloaded or installed over an existing Eclipse. TimeSquare  is based on the formal Clock Constraint Specification Language (CCSL), which allows the manipulation of logical time. Logical time is a relaxed form of time where any events can be taken as a reference for counting (e.g. do something every 30 openings of the door). It can be used for specifying classical and multiform real-time requirements as well as formally specifying constraints on the behavior of a model (either a UML-based or a DSL model). These constraints are solved and a simulation is conducted at the model level. TimeSquare main features are:

  1. definition of CCSL specifications in an enhanced editor (completion, syntax fault detection, …) based on its metamodel;
  2. definition of the events of a specific UML-based or DSL model (by importing your model into the CCSL specification);
  3. definition of user-defined libraries that encapsulate recurrent constraints (related to a specific domain or depicting a specific model of computation and communication);
  4. simulation of contraints and generation of a corresponding trace model (i.e., one partial order conforming to the specification);
  5. based on a trace model, possibility to add user-defined back-ends that trigger specific actions on selected event occurrences or relations. Some examples of such back-ends are:
    1.  displaying and exploring waveforms in a timing diagram (VCD),
    2.  animating UML-based models in Papyrus MDT,
    3.  executing user-defined java code,
    4.  computing the related power consumption from a MARTE specification
    5. you can now compile your specification to pure java and also make exhaustive simulation of your spec

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